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Print Design

External Marketing

Enrollment Campaign: Democracy Prep Public Schools, produced by Pvblic Foundation,
sizes vary up to 48' wide. Located in Harlem & Bronx, NY | Camden, NJ | Washington, DC | Baton Rouge, LA. | Las Vegas, NV
Bus King: Long Island Children's Museum, 12 x 2.5'
PS98 Arts: Ashcan Studio of Art, Inc. in affiliation with The Douglaston School:, 10 x 6'


International Trips: Democracy Prep Public Schools, 24 x 36"
83 is the New 70: Democracy Prep Public Schools, 18 x 24"
Hope Campaign: Democracy Prep Public Schools, 24 x 18"
Korean Bio Posters: Democracy Prep Public Schools, 14 x 36"
Stairwell Climb: Democracy Prep Public Schools, 12 x 12"
Pass It On: Democracy Prep Public Schools, 18 x 24"
Radio Room: Long Island Children's Museum, 5 x 2.5'
Ashcan Studio: Ashcan Studio of Art, Inc., 18 x 24"
Directional Poster—LI to WPUNJ: William Paterson University,12.5 x 18"
Dream Themes Series: 13 x 19" ea.

iNpulse Spreads

These spreads are selected from Amara’s original book, iNpulse.
This 140 page book is a visual interpretation of portrais of jazz artists,
their music and their words. iNpulse is an aesthetic piece about the
translation of tone and the essence of jazz. Play on!

William Paterson University, 17 x 11"
Waller Spread: “This is so nice, it must be illegal!”—Fats Waller, pgs. 58–59
Hancock Spread: pgs. 72–73
Evans Spread: “It bugs me when people try to analyze jazz as intellectual theorum. It’s not. It’s feeling.”—Bill Evans, pgs. 38–39
Coltrane Spread: “… I want to speak to their souls”—John Coltrane, pgs. 22–23


LICM Summer Camp
Broadway Can! (front–back)
Relax (front–back)
Muipr; Writer's Block
Fragments (front–back)