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A Tired Heart
December 31, 2014

Wounded Diva 2It is with a heavy heart I post this last entry of the year. Due to recent events, my heart goes out to family and friends in mourning and also, hopes that the new year allows it to find some peace and clarity in some shape or form. I was reminded of this past doodle (from a vague “wounded diva” series I began years ago) as I am simultaneously feeling strength and weakness. As I reflect back on the year, I am grateful for family and close friends that provided me with love and laughter. I also view the year with great self-disappointment. Perhaps I wasted too much time complaining about things that made me unhappy instead of trying harder to fix them, selfishly retreated into unhealthy habits and used up energy in unconstructive ways.

Not to say I did not try at all, there were many points of the year allotted to taking action, doing my best to move forward, allowing myself to try new things (like cooking for one!…a little) and taking on new responsibilities. No one is perfect so I do not regret many actions throughout the year however, I do intend to make better use of the time allotted to me and focus on things that bring me and the people I love joy.

So, with that said, some New Year’s resolutions:

Preparedness—for the little things.
I try hard to stay on top of important things: being supportive to family and friends, paying bills, etc. however, I’m tired of rushing, of spending frivolously because I did not leave time to eat, of praying there is no traffic because I’m already late, of staying up until 5 a.m. because I began a project too late, of having to set an alarm hours early in hopes finishing last night’s tasks in the morning, which always fails. While inevitably there will be days of feeling behind, I do not want to spend another year in that state.

Time Out
Yes I want to be productive and constructive but if I do not hit pause on life once in a while, I will burn out faster than I can create and faster than I can give. Ironically I think to give more, I have to be a bit more selfish in my time…take a nap, go for a walk, watch a movie…just relax. Some plans are already set in motion for this, yay!

I miss playing my instruments and I tell myself that every year. I hope this year I listen.

A friend once told me, we need to work smarter, not harder. Agreed! I need to reevaluate some things I take on both work wise and personally and keep only what will be beneficial. (I just need to figure that out first)

Well, may 2015 be a year of happiness, health and internal peace for all. Happy New year!

Season's Greetings
December 13, 2014

PenguinsYes I’m a dork and I like to keep my refrigerator festive. In the spirit of the season, this dinky doodle happened. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy holiday season.

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Rainbow Puppy
November 26, 2014

Rainbow PuppyA big thanks to Ashcan and my coworker for creating such a great opportunity for live observational drawings. Today, a rainbow dog “posed” for us while the class made gesture drawings of her. While I wish the kids had been a bit more excited to draw, at least I had fun lol. I couldn’t help but sneak in a gesture drawing myself.

November 1, 2014

Carmen“Well she sneaks around the world from Kiev to Carolina, She's a sticky-fingered filcher from Berlin down to Belize, She'll take you for a ride on a slow boat to China, Tell me where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?”

Well, my Halloween costume this year may be a bit dated but definitely still fun. Does anyone else remember watching this gameshow? So entertaining! While I did not go to any crazy costume parties or out and about, I wouldn’t have changed a thing for Halloween this year. Lounging at home with the whole family celebrating my dad’s birthday proved to be just the right touch of festive fun.

To capture the night, enjoy this blurry self-portrait (which freakishly looks like Michael Jackson?) I’m a bit rusty with Chinese ink and rice paper but was in the mood for something a little different tonight. I sure missed the smell of those inks and brushes (bi’s) but such tricky stuff! If I ever have free time again, I’ll have to add practicing Chinese ink painting to the list of things to do.

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Take a Walk
October 14, 2014

GWBHave you ever been compelled to just pause the night and go for a walk? I’m not generally one for much physical activity. I’m used to spending each day sitting in front of a computer screen but there comes a time where even I get antsy to move. That time hit hard yesterday. Despite the drizzle, with a bit of persuasive motivation, I went for a long walk. I’m not sure if Columbus Day was the cause, but I have never seen the bridge lit up like it was. The atmosphere was so surreal as the bridge cast its’ white/violet glow across an eerily empty Manhattan. Sometimes a long walk clears your head, other times it fogs your mind like the hazy night sky. Regardless of the effects, I’m grateful for the view and for the experience.

Keep On Keepin’ On
October 5, 2014

CTI was lucky enough to get to see the film “Keep On Keepin’ On” for a second time this weekend since its' debut at the Tribecca film festival. For anyone who has the opportunity, go see it.

I remember several years ago when a few friends and colleagues from college began creating a documentary on the legendary jazz musician/mentor Clark Terry. I thought, that’s cool, I’d love to learn more about him and see what kind of movie these non-film makers can make. Five years later, it is now complete and has blown me away…twice. It is both visually and spiritually beautiful. It has been a long time since I felt so moved by a film, or really anything. It goes beyond a typical documentary as you not only learn about the lives of several talented musicians, but you experience those lives and feel like a part of them.

The film captures a genuine love of music and friendship. So, in honor of “Keep On Keepin’ On,” here is a doodle of Clark Terry. There is such joy in his face and his soul. I can only hope to be as fulfilled as he seems to be one day. Everyone involved in this film is an inspiration. Congrats on all the success so far! I wish you all lots more to come. Hope to see ya at the Oscars!

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Come Hither
September 21, 2014

Come HitherYea that’s right Fall, I say come hither! As I bid summer adieu, I know it’s time to stop procrastinating, stop waiting, stop hoping for less stress. While I created a lot of great memories over the summer and was fortunate to get in some time for friends and sun, another year has gone by consumed by work and repetitive struggles and mental cycles. So yes, I’m a bit lustful for new opportunities and it’s time to take action just…zzzzz, I’m getting there.

Dust Cloud
September 24, 2014

Dust CloudWhile preparing some demonstrations for the class I teach, I enjoyed exploring techniques using acrylic paint, watercolor paint, ink and charcoal. Here is the dust cloud study that resulted from these media experiments.

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Birthday Breather
August 12, 2014

Birthday BreatherSoooooo grateful to family and friends for providing a much needed work escape while participating in my annual birthday marathon extravaganza! Fun in the sun at the beach, fancy dinner and lavish baked deliciousness, a nighttime billiards/cocktail/bonchon fried chicken adventure and a weekend getaway to Montauk for additional sunshine and summer goodness. I got to feel a bit of summer and can breathe again. Thanks to all! :-p 

Cardboard Safari
August 5, 2014

Cardboard SafariOk so technically not a “doodle” but I’ve been working so much the last few months, in order to stay up to date, it’s time I incorporate some actual projects into this semi-blog. This side-job for an event was an exhausting but really cool experience! I was reminded how much I love to paint, especially in the wee hours of the night/morning. Of course it would be nice if those weren’t the only hours I had available but who are we kidding, if I had the day free, I would still probably begin at midnight. Anyway, I discovered that I no longer need to fear large scale! It’s pretty great what can be done with just paint and cardboard. #ArtistOnaBudget.

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Going Mad
July 31, 2014

MadHatterAhhhhh work, work, work, work, work …work … work … wo … zzzzzzzzzzz.

Siren's Den
July 1, 2014

Hopper PlatformI could not be more proud of my older sis as she has turned her passion and conflict into art. Way to stretch some new skills, take a risk and leap into a new realm of creativity! She has written and produced a beautiful musical segment that was selected for the West Villiage Musical Theater Festival. Us Nogees joined forces to contribute to this piece, Jaden with her ridiculous music tech knowledge putting us all to shame and myself with a title logo to promote the show. Purple with twinkly lights, just the way you like it ;)

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Dream Themes
June 22, 2014

DreamThemesLawdy, redoing a portfolio is WORK! Circumstances have propelled me to update my portfolio (I have not had the need to since 2008.) I suppose having too much work is a good problem to have but being indecisive is not! While I could go on and on about the exhaustion of this process, instead I will focus on a new piece that I am excited I finally got around to creating. I decided I wanted to add to my poster section with something a bit more whimsical. I have always been fascinated by dreams and for years have had the idea of a poster series about common dream themes. (inspired by a friend—CIA you know I’m talking about you.) Here is the result of that idea focusing on the freedom of flying, the fear of being chased and the bitter-sweet hurt as you dream about past loved ones. What fascinates me about these particular themes are the elements that defy plausibility in order to occur yet they feel so real while dreaming. Flying defies the laws of gravity, the physics of velocity are lost if you have ever tried to run in a dream and the sheer principle of mortality is nonexistent in the subconscious realm. Anyway, I love to hear about interesting dreams so please share some with me and in the future I hope to expand on this series.

Hopper Platform
June 8, 2014

Hopper PlatformOk, ok, so this is technically not a doodle but one day it will be! I took this photo while standing on a platform awaiting the LIRR to Manhattan. Something about the full moon, the street lamp, the saturated sky and platform, and the business man with his briefcase seemed so surreal and rather hopper-esque. If I ever find myself with more free time, I would love to paint this scene.

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May 17, 2014

ZipWEEEEEEEEEE!!! For the first time in , I can’t remember when, my entire immediate family got together for a weekend getaway adventure. My parents decided against the average boring birthday dinner and instead arranged to go zip lining upstate. The themed Mozart hotel was amazing and everyone was in good spirits the entire time. Despite my innate wuss-itude, after the initial leap, ziplining was surprisingly serene. It was oddly not frightening gliding through the tree tops, leaping and zipping securely from platform to platform, crossing rickety footbridges then zipping again! My inner Home Alone treehouse fantasy became real and for a few days, life’s stress dissipated as tourguide Tim guided us to fly. It is really great to see family for a happy occasion. Thanks everyone for the family adventure, love ya!

Nogee’s Angels
May 7, 2014

Nogee's AngelsIn honor of Mother's Day, I had my students draw portraits of themselves with their mothers, using Mary Cassatt's pastel drawings as inspiration. It has been ages since I busted out oil pastels so I wanted to make one too. For a demonstration, I went with a silly picture of me and my two lovely sisters giving Charlie's Angels a run for their money <3 (since my mother hates pictures of herself). I maaay have gotten carried away on my own demonstration. I eventually had to stop and teach, then bring it home to continue for a belated Mother's Day hurrah.

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Mr. Softee
April 25, 2014

MrSofteeI'm trying really hard to stay positive but I find it increasingly difficult when bad things happen to good people. Thank you Mr. Softee for your soothing hugs and I'm sorry if I was a lousy friend. RIP MF.

April 12, 2014

SpringFinally, some nice weather and a few continuous hours to myself in my pjs! Although I went to work earlier today, I had an evening free for the first time in a long while. The sans-jacket weather today and weekend vibe wer inspiring. I felt an urge to paint/draw tonight eventhough I got frustrated with my indecisiveness of what to make. I wound up randomly painting watercolor blobs. As a figure started to emerge, the imagery became clearer and viola. Ah yes, spring is in the air! (as corny and cliche as that may sound.)

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March 20, 2014

The last time I sat down to draw for myself seems ancient. I thought perhaps I should release some bitterness and tension and focus on productivity to enhance and remember my craft. While debating about what to draw, I thought who better to get inspired by than the masters. I flipped through some art books and came across a small drawing by Leonardo Da Vinci that caught my eye. At first, this female head looked fairly simple but who am I kidding, it’s Leonardo Da Vinci! Once I got into the drawing, I became truly impressed with how precise and flawless Leonardo's line work was. It is no wonder why his work has been viewed with such awe for centuries and will continue to be. So here you have it, nowhere as clean but I would like to think not too shabby for a night’s sketch/study.

Tranquil Storm
March 19, 2014

SnowfallAs rain poured angrily on my rooftop tonight, I thought it may just be the perfect accompaniment to paint to. While I have been lucky enough to spend some time with friends here and there the last few weeks, I feel as though the days and nights are consumed with work. For this evening, I wanted to put work aside, listen to the rain and enjoy messing around with some watercolors, letting them blend and smush together freely in a calming, colorful yet cloudy sky.

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February 28, 2014

Life has been giving me the finger lately so I’m just trying to remember to breathe deeply and find some zen until some things get resolved. Life is too short to spend it stressed.

February 10, 2014

SnowfallSore ribs from shoveling, traffic so congested that flying off the road , off a cliff sounds like a blessing, numb digits, cold air that makes your lungs shiver…it’s no wonder why many people hate the snow. Despite all the frustrations of it, I have always found snow to be magical. While my attempts to go sledding failed miserably, (resulting in a looong wet, cold walk just to sink butt first into a snow mound) I did have one brief moment of snowy elation. There is no greater freedom than standing in a park amongst freshly falling snow, rolling, running and twirling in it—feeling like your five year old self as you take a true “snow day.” However, things don’t always shut down just because it is snowing. With snow on the brain, an improvised art lesson of drawing/painting winter critters resulted in this little class demo.

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January 31, 2014

weightAh, my past love we meet again. It has been a while since I have gotten to take part in something musical and blow the dust/rust off my french horn!

I don’t mentally remember how to get to the stage but my body still knows just where to walk after so many performances years ago. It is a bit surreal to sit on stage of the Tilles Center where I have played many times before. The environment is much the same, familiar performers fill the space and I look up to the same warm expression and graceful, spirited rhythmic hands of the conductor. It is as if things have been frozen in time except that we are all older now, a decade older.

In my pre college years, I spent much dedication to performance groups, one of which I am fortunate enough to still participate in today for their annual alumni performances. The returning experience was kind of strange but heartwarming. One piece I enjoyed playing this year was “El Camino Real—A Latin Fantasy” The horn part had some melody! (For any horn player out there, you know how rare anything besides playing off-beats can be.) Anyway, after nearly two years of not playing my horn, this wild ride of a piece was like trying to tame a bull. I think it went pretty well! Culminations of thoughts lead to this matador maestro doodle, “Matamaestro.”

Eyes on a New Year
January 5, 2014

Eyes on a New Year2013 was filled with love and loss. With the start of a new year, I am hoping to focus on the positive things that surround me. While contemplating which doodle to draw/paint to kick off this year, I thought it best to concentrate on an image that provides pure happiness … my muse … my kitty! So here you have it, “Eyes on a New Year.” Cheers to a better year.

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