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December 30, 2013

weightHappy New Year! Goodbye 2013 and good riddance! This has been a very difficult year and I am elated that it is finally coming to an end. I am fortunate enough to end this wretched year celebrating VIP style at an interactive murder mystery, New Year’s Eve party at a delightful hotel in Tarrytown with my sister! What better way to start a new year than to be fictitiously killed at night and revived by morning for a brand new start. 2013 has been a beast of a year, cracked and rough with lasting memories—hence this elephant doodle from many years ago. May 2014 hold bigger, better and more positive experiences to come!

As I look back on 2016, it was a bad year for celebrities to say the least. I spent the year trying to adjust my life schedule to a new job and am still adjusting. I’m hopeful that 2017 will provide more of a work/life balance but I suppose that is on me to make it so. I am staying out of online politics, as that seems to have infiltrated everyone’s reflection of 2016 and rants of what is to come. What I can say is I hope during 2017, the goodness in humanity prevails, there is far less loss, and we can put our governmental concerns aside long enough to doodle with our siblings to remember … it’s going to be ok.

APD Illustration
December 3, 2013

space demoRecently I was given the fun request of creating a sample illustration for a book on APD (auditory processing disorder). The illustration focuses on the confusion teens with APD may have while driving. While this sample was not quite the right style needed I thought I’d share this drawing online anyway. It was nice to break out some good ol’ india ink.

As I left the café, the sun had started to rise and through the misty gray light, I realized I was standing next to a large body of water with glaciers in the distance and a breathtaking view. What I thought was hot chocolate must have been a mix of chocolate and coffee. Not being a coffee drinker, the jolt of caffeine lead me on a looong hike along the water to an outdoor sculpture garden and serene cliff. I even found my way back to the hotel and ventured by shuttle into the heart of Rekjavik that evening. It was an empowering first day.

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November 29, 2013

weightDon’t get me wrong, I enjoy my job, the place and the people but 9 hours can make a person's mind wander. I guess I’ve had my head in the stars between this year’s space cowgirl Halloween costume and some outer space themed projects. As I was sitting in my desk chair the other day, I could not help but daydream and laugh as I pictured my seat with a jet pack, lighting up and propelling me through the roof, out of the office and back to bed where I could nap. I thought this image would be more dynamic with a stereotypical “shirt and tie” office man breaking free from his cubicle. Luckily I am taking a few days off soon for a greatly needed staycation.

Space Demo
November 13, 2013

space demoThe students in a children's art class I teach
(at the Little Ashcan Studio) were participating in the Space Foundation's International Student Art Contest. This was a super fast demo I did to demonstrate the resistant effects and the textures created when oil pastels are mixed with watercolors. This combo was pretty fun and I recommend giving it a whirl for all you artists out there.

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Weight (in progress)
October 31, 2013

weightHave you ever felt like life was just piling on top of you, slowly crushing you getting heavier as you try to tread forward? With the whirlwind of life altering events the last several months, I found myself in a surreal state just feeling so … heavy. There have been some good events and many tragic ones that have occurred. Each event just adds to the growing pile of responsibilities, burdens and things to take care of. In order to shift that weight and numb my thoughts through ink, I imagined an elegant Victorian styled woman, wearing a massive, heavy hat. The hat did not seem heavy enough, as she needed something on her shoulders to express all of the “elephants in the room” of topics wanting to be spoken but not wished to be spoken about. Therefore, it seemed pretty perfect to give her a live elephant wrap resting on her shoulders with its’ trunk around her neck. While this post may sound grim, I am not a morbid person and prefer positive imagery so the elephant trunk is not causing any harm but has potential to. (kind of like Mitch Hedberg’s take on turtle neck sweaters, being gently strangled all day long). Anyway, this is an illustration in progress called “weight”. Let me know what you think.

Festive Flames
October 30, 2013

Festive FlamesIn search of a fun Halloween art project for my students and help from the good ol’ internet, I stumbled upon an idea for decorative candle holders. Each student was given glass candle holders, precut strips of vellum, creepy Halloween reference pictures (of bats, eyeballs, lanterns, owls, cats, skeletons, pumpkins, etc.) and pens. Everyone seemed to enjoy making these a lot, including me as I created this sample project. I recommend trying this out for anyone who likes to draw!

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Samurai Daddy
September 30, 2013

Samurai DaddyOn a lighter note, my dad's newest hobby is training to be a samurai! He has a fancy title for it, but I'm calling him "Samurai Daddy!" in my head. Needing a distraction and desperately wanting to test out my snazzy new drafting table I bought as an apt warming gift to myself, I decided to go with an image to make me smile. My dad in his new warrior garb did the trick. There is something soothing in the fluidity of india ink and using it gave my mind some focus back from the aimless-ness it has been wrestling with. This distraction of a doodle was a fun change of pace. Enjoy.

Wounded Diva
September 21, 2013

rabbit holeIt has been a very difficult and surreal year as my family and I have been processing the death of two beloved members. As I attempt to cope with the passing of my grandfather earlier this week, I find I am stuck in the denial stage, picturing him still in his house, around the corner, cracking dirty jokes and stirring up trouble. While believing that, there is still a haze of emptiness making it difficult to focus as his departure brought up memories of loved ones past. The depressing events of the previous week and year marked the end of an entire generation. Feeling dazed and upset, I was reminded of this doodle from a series of sketches I titlted "Wounded Divas." The concept of these sketches, drawn for different purposes, portray frail, thin yet pretty women as confident 'divas' yet 'wounded' with a piece of themselves exposed or hurt. This particular sketch portrays exposed ribs revealing that pit of emptiness. I know death is a part of life and for those living, life must go on but things feel very unbalanced knowing not just one person, but a whole generation and component of life is missing. My grandfather was 94 and surrounded by people whom he loved and loved him. I guess in the end, that's all any of us can really hope for.

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Rabbit Hole 2
August 31, 2013

Rabbit Hole 2Here is the second doodle of the "Rabbit Hole" series, even if the series only consists of two drawings at the moment. This one is perhaps more hopeful than stressful but still matches the tumbling of my head. Beginning with a large hand and imagery of eyes (like the first sketch below), the peacock components and lace provide a powerful kind of fragility and whimsy as I take the next step and move out on my own.

Rabbit Hole 1
August 19, 2013

rabbit holeI'm getting ready to fly, terrified yet excited for the path to come. There are endless amounts of tasks waiting to be done, many freelance jobs about to launch, fall lesson planning, finances and scheduling to figure out and so many decisions that need to be made for my indecisive self yet I don't know where to begin. Productivity is at a standstill. As I sit here unsettled, although hopeful, I was reminded of this drawing. This somewhat random collage of imagery seemed to reflect tonight's fearful, surreal state of mind. What do you see?

Individually, I began with a stretched hand near a dreaming eye surrounded by whisps of hair and cherry blossoms, intersected by a dragon's tail and wing. (I believe I drew this after seeing "How to Train Your Dragon"—loved that movie) Anyway, I am wondering if once mingled, this drawing begins to form new images? What does your mind see while tumbling down the rabbit hole?

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Broken? Fix it! Wedge
July 30, 2013

WedgeHere is another illustration from the Broken? Fix it! exhibit at the Long Island Children's Museum. I had a lot of fun drawing this goofy depiction of why one needs a wedge on a hammer. Did you know there is a vital piece called a wedge that holds a hammer head onto its handle? I did not but learned a lot about tools and creative fixes while getting to make illustrations for this exhibit.

Broken? Fix it! Mouse
July 29, 2013

mouseIt has been a whirlwind of a week spending 14+ hour days at work helping to prepare for an exhibit opening followed by wisdom tooth extraction on Friday. Instead of focusing on the current state of my chipmunk cheeks, I would prefer to revisit the rewarding events at the Long Island Children's Museum last week. Despite long hours, it is exciting to watch something come to life that began as an idea and some rough pencil sketches years ago. I have seen bits and pieces of this original traveling exhibit throughout the year and was lucky enough to be handed some illustrations and signage to work on for it. (like this little mouse who didn't quite make the cut for the opening but I know he is coming. I shall call him Morty the Mouse). Anyway, seeing computer files is not quite the same as watching kids interact with life size cars and model "fix-it" shops that began as "doodles." Despite my complaints of low pay and long hours, I am honored to be included in the fabrication of something that will be traveling around and played with for years to come.

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June 30, 2013

FluffWhen the day is done, or just beginning, I love nothing more than seeing this in front of me (despite her taking up the entire bed.) I almost can't sleep, distracted by her muse-like cutetess. Perhaps she is dreaming or maybe pretending to sleep so I leave her alone. Regardless, I'm tickled pink by the sight of her nestled deep within a sea of blankets. What do you think animals dream about?

June 8, 2013

deerIn search of something to doodle, I came across a photo of a small deer. I instantly connected with its timidness and stillness.
I am often frustrated due to my own indecisiveness. I feel too shy to verbalize what it is I want while simultaneously not knowing what that is. While taking time making decisions, I sit still while the world spins on around me.

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May 31, 2013

FairyI am running away for the weekend! Although this silly little doodle was made while daydreaming a few months ago, its carefree "magic in the air" subject matches my current excitement. After months or maybe years of the work cycle, I am taking an extended weekend to Maine and cannot wait to hit the pause button on life and get a little fresh air.

May 18, 2013

InfectedBeing sick is no fun … to say the least. It slows you down when life is telling you to speed up. During the winter of 2010, I remember thinking, "I feel like I'm drowning in a tunnel, on a plane" due to an annoying sinus infection. I was reminded of this unfinished drawing this past week as those symptoms returned. Hopefully the weekend ahead will help cure me.

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Design Courtyard
April 30, 2013

Design CourtyardSeveral months ago, I had a vivid dream. I was wandering around outside. It was nighttime and I found myself on a cobblestone path in a golden/green courtyard. This crowded scene was filled with the sound of murmers. Directly in front of me stood a welcoming angelic statue with outstretched arms. It was very dark except for one luminous building with a slanted roof in the distance. I overheard that I was standing in the "Design Courtyard." Artists of all varieties were conversing in multiple languages and exchanging ideas. Males and females in business suits and blazers, college students in jeans, and many others filled the space. Their attire was clear but their faces, I cannot remember. The scene was eery yet peaceful. When I woke up, I felt honored to have seen such a place, even if I only stood on the outskirts. I must have fallen asleep feeling like I have been working too much, clouded with ideas or not enough and in need of inspiration. Either way, I wanted to record the image while I could still see it in my mind.

Banjo Lesson
April 18, 2013

Banjo LessonI made this sketch back in 2010 but felt it reflected some thoughts for tonight. This sketch was taken from the painting Banjo Lesson, by Henry O. Tanner which I have always loved. The connection through music between these two figures has such warmth and comfort, especially while feeling a bit lost. With Boston's recent tragic news, loss of a grandparent, uncertainty/desire to move out and a jumble of other thoughts, this simple loving connection reassures me that everything will be all right.

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April 18, 2013

PrismaHonestly, I just wanted to play with my pretty new Prisma markers! This was the result.

Linear Locks
March 13, 2013

linear locksRepetition of line can be soothing. Late at night, I found myself drawing flowing hair in sections, then, filling in each compartment mindlessly with continuous lines. While focused on avoiding overlaps and the width of each stroke, I could temporarily ease my mind and sleep. I began to envision a “forest” of figures, having hair and limbs like branches.

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