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Merry & Bright
December 28, 2019

The holiday season is always reflective as the month comes to a close and you look back on the highlights of the year and the people that made them possible. I am very fortunate to be so close to my family and to have good friends that have become like family. It was an honor to create this portrait for some of those. This portrait, (while not technically a doodle) was a ton of fun to make getting to experiment with new mediums. I dabbled with the idea of inks or pencils but nothing seemed quite soft enough to capture the warmth of the people in it until I remembered I own pastels! While I fear their overwhelming smudginess and cringe at the chalky hand feel, I remembered a method I tried once in college with charcoal—dry painting. Years ago I made a portrait of my little sister by grinding charcoal on sandpaper then using a paintbrush to shade with the dust. I decided to give that a go but with color this time and the process (while dusty) was exciting to try. Thanks for letting me crash your xmas eve to “sneak” this over and for all of the many good meals and times you have provided. May there be lots more in 2020!

December 14, 2019

:-D Amaaaazing! For the first time in a while, I’m pretty proud of myself for actually executing wants. Usually I just daydream and think about things I’d like to do but this time I did it! I’m extremely fortunate to have a job that grants me vacation days but I’m not always so wise in how I use them. Realizing that the year is quickly coming to a close and that if I don’t use them, I lose them, I decided to take some days off. Initially I was looking forward to peaceful slumber in my apartment but knew I would only wind up mad at myself for being lazy, even if that is what vacation is for. I decided a change of scenery may be good to reset my soul. The majority of trips I have taken over the years have been pre-planned wonderful opportunities like a destination wedding or friend with a groupon. I can’t remember the last time I chose my destination just because I wanted to…until now! I have wanted to visit friends and family in California for quite some time, remembering how much I loved my visit there as a kid. While half-jokingly suggesting the idea, coworkers and friends on both east and west coast urged me to do it. I did and it was everything!

• sitting amongst roses in San Jose
• multiple dips in a hot tub
• standing on a cliff overlooking the ocean at Half Moon Bay
• dinner with distant family who suddenly didn’t feel so distant in San Francisco
• exploring the Academy of Sciences and getting immersed in an aquarium,
  planetarium and rainforest all in an afternoon
• catching up/laughing with friends
• sunshine

All that and more really made for a great, overdue and badly needed vacation. There were so many fun images to reference for this doodle but I had so much fun drawing sunflowers recently, decided to try my hand at roses next. Thanks to all who encouraged me to go and joined me on the west coast!

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November 23, 2019

There are still a few words I did not complete from inktober and would like to. I began this drawing for “swing” thinking about doing an ink wash portrait of Evelyn Nesbit, known during the ragtime era as the girl on the swing. She has not made it to ink yet but I hope to get there one day soon.

November 3, 2019

Still feeling the spirit of inktober and catching up on some words I missed, this lil critter was inspired by the word “legend” along with some help from google images, wish I could take all the credit but cannot.

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Inktober: Frozen
October 1–31, 2019

What an exciting and exhausting month. Last year I heard about and dabbled in “Inktober.” According to google, inktober is a month long art challenge created by artist Jake Parker that is focused on improving skill and developing positive drawing habits. Every day for the month of October, participants create an ink drawing and post it online. There is a prompt list with a word a day for inspiration. Hashtags allow artists to see drawings from participants all over. It is very motivational but also hard to keep up! Last year, I think I did about 2 per week but this year was successful in making a drawing nearly every day. I did not quite get to 31 but came pretty darn close. It was so fulfilling feeling connected to a community of doodlers. I learned a lot over the last month, the most important takeaway being…I’m capable of being productive when motivated. I also discovered an overwhelming positive response to my rushed little drawings which is giving me some future design ideas (hmmmm). Hopefully more on that in 2020.

While posting drawings on facebook, I quickly discovered my drawings were unexpectedly competing against each other for # of likes. There was a unanimous winner and it was one that gave me a lot of joy to make. I forgot the simple pleasures glitter pens can bring. The image with most facebook likes was by far: Frozen.

Inktober: Misfit

While some others had more likes, I think the drawing for “misfit” was my fun runner up. I had low expectations for this drawing when I started but was surprisingly happy with its charm and I connected a lot to this one.

Click here to see more 2019 inktober doodles. The top 3 most liked on facebook were Frozen, Enchanted/Frail and Overgrown. Which are your favorites?

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September 15, 2019

A lovely day frolicking through fields of sunflowers! I took a day trip with my beauteous older sister for an afternoon of fresh air, flowers, face paint and wine. Our parents joined for dinner and it was all very refreshing to have a responsibility free day with family, vibrant yellow petals and blue skies. I started this line drawing to capture the relaxed feels and got carried away filling the page.

September 1, 2019

This year’s birthday extravaganza involved a day trip upstate to Beacon, NY filled with a simple hike and art galleries. After surviving the annual bday hangover, some fresh air and creativity gave me momentum for a delightful day! I especially loved all the bizarre little critter sculptures. There was something so charmingly weird about them that yet very relatable.

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The Feels
August 11, 2019

Thank you to all of my family and friends for making this year’s birthday extravaganzas so awesome. From backyard fire pits and city cocktails to an artsy upstate weekend adventure, I’m reminded how fun it is to simply hang around with the people I love. There was one love missing this year and my heart is forever broken from the loss of my cat nearly 2 years ago. However, I received such a thoughtful gift to help heal! Look at this adorable little felt Ember my friend hand-made!!! I’m so lucky to be surrounded by such kindness. I want to thank everyone who has kept me smiling despite missing my girl.

August 1, 2019

What is one of the greatest surprises ever? I think most people can unanimously agree that the answer to that question is a puppy! At the end of June my parents unexpectedly adopted a puppy daughter. When I met her, my heart instantly melted. She has brought so much joy to us all and I’m beyond excited that my mom was a sucker for her kryptonite of cuteness puppy eyes and took her home on a whim. I’m excited for all of the future belly rubs and puppy snuggles that are in the foreseeable future. This doodle goes out to my new adorable sister, Willow. ❤

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Rigor & Joy
July 30, 2019

Sometimes, the requests I get at work are hilariously creative and this one really made my week and reminded me how fun graphic design/digital illustration can be. The request: an afro wearing unicorn with a jetpack farting joyous rainbows. Ask and you shall receive!

July 20, 2019

I saw a friend’s photo on facebook years ago and ever since, it has been on my mind as an image I wanted to draw. With a few added me-time hours and additional work from home days this month, I finally felt human enough to venture into creating this. Although a quick doodle was my intention, it didn’t seem to do the photo justice. An ink wash was not enough to capture all of the image’s drama and lighting contrast so, onto acrylics! Hello old friends. ❤ Still in progress and hope to see you soon!

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Mutha Friggas 2
June 21, 2019

After experimenting with a variety of styles, we decided digital illustrations were the way to go and I was able to finish this poster last month. This was such a cool project to work on! This was also an eye opener as I used a tablet for the first time! It definitely feels weird to me since I am used to drawing with a mouse for digital illustrations or by hand in general but I think once I get the hang of it, I will love it.

Summer Float
June 13, 2019

Summer is flying by and sometimes I wish I could fly with it, floating away from East Harlem and towards fresh air, butterflies, beaches and ice cream.

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May 14, 2019

I was recently given the awesome opportunity to design a CD cover and package. While experimenting with different media, I remembered this watercolor sky I made which I think will be a fun theme to capture the essence of her spirited ukulele tunes. I’m excited to see how this project turns out.

May 2, 2019

Eeeeee what fuzzy baby filled adventures! Over the last few weeks I’ve had the opportunity to hold baby squirrels and kittens. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, a friend of mine has found himself to be a squirrel daddy doing an excellent job raising 3 brothers to eventually go back to nature. I’m so proud of his superb parenting skills and excited I got to hold the tiny fluffs. After participating in a kitten skillz class the same week at the ever so lovely Brooklyn Cat Café, I discovered, newborns of any creature are alarmingly fragile and so many animals are without homes. Be kind to our four legged better halves. This super rough doodle was never quite complete but perhaps an idea for a later watercolor?

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Please Pup
April 21, 2019

Work is hard and lately soul crushing. I went to doodle for a distraction which comically and maybe sadly revealed an overbearing thought tonight. A sad puppy face developed from random curves as I realized how badly I want to stay home tomorrow. A familiar whimper took over at the idea of driving to Harlem in the morning.

April 14, 2019

My fourth drawathon! My friend and I lasted a good 9 hours this year, we could have lasted the entire 12 but decided it best to get home while we still had the energy to do so. The Pratt Drawathon is always such a rewarding, smoothly organized event with professional live models throughout various rooms in different length poses. For the first year, I explored the longer pose rooms. I have always shied away from any pose beyond 20 minutes intimidated by the pressure of wanting to create something great without the excuse of time limitations. I’ve always had this nagging voice in my head saying, you have to get the figure in quickly, if you cannot before time runs out, you fail…like a sadistic art game. Therefore I always stayed mainly in 1-2 minute or maybe up to 10 min poses to practice. I still think it is important to get the gesture of a figure in quickly to allow time to develop details but what I did not realize was how much more soothing life drawing can be giving yourself that added time. I attempted some hour and 3 hour poses which I have never before done and did not know could be done. These models were so impressive, staying statuesque for up to an hour at a time, barely blinking without movement beyond the occasional involuntary muscle twitch. It is also amazing how quickly 9 hours can pass with such intense focus. I’m already looking forward to next years and perhaps continuing some unfinished sketches from the night.

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Mutha Friggas 1
March 8, 2019

While experimenting with different illustration styles for a recent freelance gig, I enjoyed busting out some watercolors to portray one of the main actors in an upcoming short. I think we may go with a more digital illustration approach but painting sure sooths my soul.

March 5, 2019

Oh right, I like when I get to do what I was hired to do. I had the pleasure of designing/illustrating a Middle School mascot for Democracy Prep at the Stewart Campus, located in San Antonio, Texas. While last year’s elementary school baby owl was a blast to make and a big hit, I received a request for an older, fiercer bird of prey. Here is the pencil sketch and the vector illustration that came from it. I really enjoyed this whole process and hope scholars and staff enjoy him on all future signs and swag to come!

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February 27, 2019

There’s nothing like a boujee lunch in a calm coffee shop to reset your work woes in the middle of the day. Some chai tea and overpriced but masterful avocado toast got me doodling on a napkin before returning to face my to-do list.

February 10, 2019

For the once a year my French horn reunites with my face, I am instantly reminded how much I love it. After rehearsing with an inspiring alumni ensemble and tinkering with my ukulele at night, this doodle emerged with fragments of instruments, patterns and whimsy.

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January 27, 2019

A haiku about haikus. Reference photo credit to the Alvin Ailey Dance School.

Syllables collide
with simplicity and charm
in five seven five.

Scary Spotless
January 19, 2019

Happy New Year! It is fun to kick off the year attempting to dabble in animation. I tried an old school illustration/cut paper method for an annual one minute film fest. Once again I needed to rush and am not thrilled with the pacing or results but I’m excited to get to participate again this year and grateful for the opportunity. You can watch the one minute film here.

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