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Swanky Swag
December 27, 2015

Thank you Democracy Prep for letting me play with unicorns, hawks, dragons and more! I was so scared this new academic based setting would be met with serious themed designs that I would quickly grow weary of. To my surprise and delight, there is a lot of vector illustration involved and I have hours to myself to sit and create. I was worried a ten hour work day would feel like forever but I find myself still willing to design at the end of the day and actually having to rush out in the last hour (either trying to make a train or avoiding paying nearly double for parking blech). My mind is flickering trying to keep track of the numerous projects that are getting created daily. I’m actually anxious to see what gets added to the grand “graphics request form.” I wonder how long this anxious creative surge will last … I hope I am forever excited by the projects I am asked to create. I look to the new year with uncertainty and optimism.

December 1, 2015

Yay for free XM radio. I love when my XM radio preview comes on in my car as encouragement to purchase it (not like I ever intend to, why pay for radio? It was meant to be free!) Anyway, as Adele’s new album sweeps the charts, you cannot turn on any radio station without hearing her soulful, inspiring voice. Thank goodness, for once there is an overplayed song that I love. She has been my saving grace while stuck in mind numbing traffic lately.

I discovered tonight while driving home that her speaking voice is almost as hypnotic as her singing. I was listening to an interview with her and was so captivated by her passion, sweetness and humble nature, that I sat in my parked car to hear what she had to say despite reaching my destination. So Adele, keep on doin’ what you do!

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“Touching” Pet Portraits
November 18, 2015

While I am embarking on this new journey of a job, I am currently wrapping up teaching a session at PS98 for Ashcan Art Studio. It is exhausting to teach six K–2 classes in a day, even if just once a week. I tip my hat to all those teachers out there, I don’t know how you do it every day. The amount of preparation is pretty intense and I am running real low on energy and sleep but I thank my lucky stars that I get to work with amaaazing kids. I believe there are 108 kids I have been teaching, and every single one of them has been delightful! I’m astounded and overjoyed how well behaved and excited everyone seems to be to come to art class every Wednesday! The lessons for this unit are focused on tactility and motion. The kids have done an incredible job on their “touching” pet portraits. Actually, many of their projects are far better than this quickly thrown together demo of my cat using a variety of textured materials, in a cubist manner on canvas.

Rush Hour
November 16, 2015

It is bitter-sweet news to announce that after nearly 7 years of working for the Long Island Children’s Museum, I have decided to accept an opportunity as a graphic designer at Democracy Prep Public Schools. I have learned so much and met a lot of great people along the way these last several years but I fear it is time to take a leap and see what this next chapter brings. I had an overwhelmingly touching send off at LICM and I thank you all for making that possible. As I stayed late my last day (stupidly still trying to actually get work done) I was fortunate enough to get to walk through the empty museum once more (for now) and take it all in.

In the transition, this entry is reflective from a later date since time/energy has been non-existent to work on my own hobbies. Anyway, the new job has begun! So far, the work has been exciting, the atmosphere, a designer’s daydream and the people incredibly nice! The long office hours go by surprisingly quickly as I am absorbed in my assignments. Alas, nothing is perfect, and the commute will still take some experimenting and getting used to.

I feel as though I have stepped into another dimension, experiencing morning as I never have before. It blows my mind that through all my struggles, the days I manage to make it to a train platform by 6:40 a.m., 6:30 a.m. or even 5:50 a.m., the train pulls up and … there are already swarms of people on the train! Do they live on the train? What time do they need to arrive?? How are there no window seats left??? Also, they all have coffee as if they had time prior to the train to stop somewhere … truly amazing. While I was riding home the other day, sandwiched between people with bags piled on my lap (I refuse to be one of THOSE people who take up alllll the seats with their stuff) I began this idea for a little typographical doodle on the misery of rush hour. I will write more about the positive parts of the job in a later entry once I have slept.

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October 27, 2015

Change is in the air and so is Autumn. For the first time in years, I was actually able to take a breath and feel the season. From a delightful afternoon apple picking with my sister to a weekend hiking upstate with the rest of the family through fall foliage, the fresh air and nervous energy for adventures to come have consumed me. Before I return to having no free time, I decided to update my refrigerator with this little joyous, seasonal doodle.

Bridal Things n' Jazz
October 10, 2015

I’m going to start walking around Manhattan with a bachelorette sash on, apparently you get free alcohol! Who knew. What an insane weekend it was and I’m buzzing with some possible new life altering developments that are rapidly unraveling but in the hustle and bustle, on-the-go, no sleep whirlwind of the weekend, I want to slow down for a second and focus on the inspirational energy of musicians. I have been rather numb for months, tired, upset and bored of an unaltering monotony with little energy to draw. While I was sipping free champagne and happily listening to René Marie, I found myself scrounging through my purse in the dark for a pen to draw on my napkin. I just wanted … needed, to doodle.

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September 9, 2015

A beautiful message from a beautiful person hoping to find self peace. She asked me how things were, when I sighed and negatively shook my head no … she asked, “well what are you doing about it?” This question startled and complexed me since I have been mopey thinking there is nothing I can do. What is done is done, I thought. She reminded me that I can try harder to find more joy in the day to day. Also, a shameless plug for this new facebook group, Sistahs With a Purpose.

Lobby Sketch
September 4, 2015

A shockingly not overwhelmingly busy month at work. It really helps to have two people for two jobs. I had a moment to return to past unfinished projects that I had been passionate about. This will most likely quickly go back to the burner as soon as things pick up but in the meantime, I decided to be productive off of the computer at work today and create some sample illustrations for what could be a future museum guide for children and families with autism. I would love to see an illustrative, coloring-book style, playful narrative to match the energy of the museum and entice our young visitors. Perhaps one day, there will be time to finish such things.

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Love's a Little Bitch
August 15, 2015

Birthdays are a roller coaster of emotions. I usually look forward to them but this year was met with mixed thoughts/feelings. I tried to turn some self-invoked heartache into laughter as this quote and doodle emerged in my head. Be on the lookout for a refined, cleaned up version of this in 2016.

August 1, 2015

As the year progresses, it is becoming more and more apparent how much of me is filled with fear. Fear of independence, fear of failure, fear of mediocrity, fear that time does not heal everything. While I wrestled with sleep the other night, I began doodling from my bed to calm my mind. As I drew, a warrior emerged … courageous and exhausted, tired of braving the fanciful wilderness with her heart exposed. This doodle is for anyone trying to face their demons, both good and bad.

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July 31, 2015

Here is a second poster, these have been hanging over my head for quite some time. It has been difficult to function lately. It felt nice to break out some india ink and illustrator and finally get them done.

Love & Lovett
July 5, 2015

I had the great fortune of spending July 4 with my entire family. It is so rare to get everyone in the same place at the same time these days. It was really nostalgic to be home, happy, dad grilling meats, my mom with an enticing feast, roasting marshmallows for smores in a fire pit and enjoying sister serenades under the magic of fireworks. For a moment, I felt like a lucky kid again, surrounded by family and friends.

To tie into meat and nostalgia, a few months ago I was asked to create some prop recipe posters for meat in a vintage style. The posters were meant to have eery undertones of canibalism, so here is a made-up recipe for “Mrs. Lovett’s Meat Souffle” More to come.

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June 20, 2015

I love my nephew!!! I have been appointed designated cat sitter while my sister is out of town and it is so fun getting to play with this little booger every day. He is awfully greedy with attention, but luckily I’ve got lots to give. This rapid little doodle does not do justice to his cuteness.

June 7, 2015

Once in a while, you need a day to play. Thanks to good friends and family and a conveniently located carnival practically in my backyard, I was able to do that today. It was nice to de-mopify for an afternoon on super slides, funnel cakes, fancy piña colada cups and Farris-wheels.

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May 31, 2015

It is extremely hard to focus/function when something is weighing so heavily on your mind. I began this drawing back in 2013 after trying to cope with many overlapping losses. Some issues have resurfaced partially due to my own carelessness/selfishness/stress etc. for which I regret. Regardless, I was finally able to return to this drawing and complete it. An upcoming art show set up by a great group of people helped motivate me to submit something new as well. Despite the time it will take to heal, at least for now, I finished something I started.

Swoon Self
May 5, 2015

Since March, I have apparently been requested to teach an art course at a public school. I spent 20+ years working my way out of school only to find myself working in one, life is ironic that way but I welcome the new experience. The kids and staff have been great and I am learning a lot. Standing up in front of a classroom exposes a lot of fears you never knew you had lol. For example, clearly I love to draw, but I did not know I would be so nervous drawing in front of children. We are working on a project that is ultimately a self-portrait in the style of an awesome urban artist named Swoon. I was highly anticipating a class devoted to portrait drawing as it is one of my favorite subjects. I thought, oh! I should do a live drawing demo to get some style techniques across. I used to love watching my college professor draw/paint flawlessly in front of me, it was very inspiring. I thought the kids would get a kick out of me drawing a student from each class. This idea that began with excitement turned quickly to fear. What if I mess up their face in front of them!? I decided I better practice. Here is a practice drawing. When it was time to draw on the spot for real, it went alright I think but wow, I won’t be surprised if that moment resurfaces in a bad dream. All in all, everything was fine and the kids drew some awesome self-portraits.

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April 25, 2015

My tropical paradise of a vacation ended about a month ago but I still daydream of adventurous waterfalls and the sun-kissed outdoors. Since I have returned, it has been back to work and I find myself addicted to my computer and phone and while I want to, I can’t look away! It seems as though life cannot function here unless plugged in to the nearest outlet. I miss being disconnected but while I toss n turn awake, I can ease my screen-printed eyes with a doodle.

Silly Save
April 2, 2015

As this year’s annual fundraiser “Cupcakes & Cocktails” approaches at the Long Island Children’s Museum, the design influx is in full swing. Since my mind has been consumed by this event, it seems justified to devote this entry to a work related doodle. While k’noodling with some possibilities for some new save the dates graphics a few months ago, this silly idea popped into my head. It is not ultimately what we went with but all doodles are welcome here.

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Sailing the Sky
March 12, 2015

It was long overdue but I did it!!! I finally took a reeaalllll vacation. Thanks to my flores bonitas for the amazing groupon find for a week in the Dominican Republic. The combination of not working, sun, relaxation, adventure and all-inclusive food and drink was truly magical. Highlights included leaping off a waterfall, ziplining and horseback riding in one day, a lot of pool-side and beach lounging, failed snorkeling and kayak attempts, late night card games with friendly strangers and much much more. Of the incredible sites, one was particularly inspiring. I had never heard of kite/wind surfing prior to this trip but after seeing it, proves…humans can fly. As I sat on the beach, eating out of a coconut, I was mesmerized by the athletic warriors in the ocean gliding on and over the waves. They just soared through the sky gracefully, looping and twisting through the air then landed back on the water’s surface, skating towards the next wave to take flight again. I would love to have the physical strength to do something like that someday, even if only for a second. In the meantime, I will dream about it while doodling. To my friends who joined me, this glorious thing people refer to as a vacation (or holiday if you are British apparently), can we make this an annual thing? Pretty please?

Sweet 16
March 22, 2015

Let the vacation continue with an epic sweet sixteen for my not-so-little-no-mo-sis. The weekend after I came back from DR, I had the good fortune of attending my little sister’s sweet 16 with the whole fam. Despite being plagued from my trip with who knows what, it was still a great time. I feel like such a cliché grandma thinking, “I remember you when you were thiiis biiig.” She looked stunning in her aqua gown and glowing smile, love ya!

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Attatched Alone
February 28, 2015

I suppose this month’s theme is waiting. For this doodle, I found myself in a familiar situation—waiting at penn station for a train—brutal. It was pretty late at night/early morning and even starbucks was closed so I found myself desperately looking around for a way to pass the time. I stupidly never bring anything to do on trains themselves and certainly wasn’t prepared for the long wait before one even arrived.

When I find myself in a nyc situation like that, I often start to observe the people around me and discretely sketch them. Anyone in my line of vision has the potential to become a character in my head with a vague back story. It’s fascinating to see a room full of strangers so disconnected from each other but very connected to their own technological devices. 99% of people around me had earbuds in to tune out the rest of the room and disengage from any potential conversation. (I probably would have done the same had I remembered to bring any music.) As I glanced at a girl in front of me attached to her headphones, I broke out a pencil and a shopping bag of leftovers from the evening’s dinner, and began to doodle. I got a bit carried away and later, when I had access, added some charcoal and ink for the fun of it.

Lil' Monsters
February 22, 2015

So 2014 has come and gone which made me realize … oh sh*t, it’s that time again for my annual car inspection. One resolution from last year was not to get another ticket for being oblivious to my windshield sticker (even if it was only by a day but wow, people are ON that). Anyway, while sitting for what felt like an eternity to take care of some routine car maintenance, I began doodling these goofy lil monsters. The page started out with the intention of making one or two but as the hours passed, the monsters multiplied and well … here is the result. Stale waiting rooms should always be equipped with pencil and paper. It’s a good thing I brought my own. :)

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January 31, 2015

It has been a city filled week with lots of exciting events including Aladdin, Bubbles, promising conversations, cocktails, great company and a heart-warming exhibit. With a happy heart, and best friend by my side, we caught the last half hour of the last day of an exhibit : “Somebody Come and Play,” This Lincoln Center Library exhibit featured a history of Sesame Street and original muppets/Sesame parapheralia. Forever moved by my admiration for Jim Henson, it was so surreal and gratifying to get to walk right up to Snuffaluffagus, Big Bird and many more childhood friends. Even motionless, the muppets seemed so life like as if I was visiting my old neighborhood (not that I physically grew up on Sesame Street but a part of me feels like I did lol). Anyway, captivated by all of it, I just had to draw/paint at least one. Hope all you Sesame Street fans enjoy this Honker.

January 26, 2015

A whooole newwww yeeaarrr. As a belated holiday gift, I had the pleasure of seeing Broadway’s Aladdin in all its’ Swarovski crystal sparkly glory. It was a fun, magical show and as talented as the cast was, I’ve got to say, the true genie-us is the late great Robin Williams. I’m still in shock and denial from last year’s tragic news and with him on the mind, I decided to pull out this ancient doodle from I believe 1998 when I was 11 years old. I loved Aladdin’s genie then, and I still do now. Here’s to you Robin (and I hope to create a bigger, better tribute later in the year). Also, Disney on Broadway, you never disappoint!

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