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Ember Tribute
December 1, 2017

Ember has been my muse. Looking back, I realized she has inspired a doodle every year since this doodle blog began. Here is an Ember doodle medley in her beloved memory.

December 1, 2017

It was the blackest of Fridays. There are no words to describe the heartbreak of losing your love. To be honest, I put off writing this one for a long time and I’m still not ready (May 30 of the following year). I have had the blessing of being graced with the most amazing beautiful cat for the last 18 years and have been cursed with the need to say goodbye. I know in my heart it was best to ease her pain and not allow her to suffer. I know physically, it was cruel and selfish to let her live on but I also know mentally and spiritually, she was not ready which makes the decision forever questionable. The transition was as peaceful as possible, I guess. Holding her paws on her favorite couch cushion, she knew she was loved. It was painful to take part in but I needed her to know I’m with her always after the lifetime of companionship, support and happiness she provided.

For anyone who knows me, or has even met me, it was apparent how much Ember has meant to me through the years. Her picture adorned my dorm walls and consumed my social media. She’s the first one I say hello to when returning home and the last goodbye before leaving. Every night she couldn’t be with me, I imagined her by my feet or holding my hand and forever will. I was always elated when she could visit my apartment, shadow my every move and rest her paws on my hands. She’s been my comfort and unquestionable love from the moment she came into my life that holiday. ‘Yes Virginia, there really is a Santa Clause’ read the sign on the bathroom door as my heart immediately formed a new chamber, just for her.

Thank you to good friends for providing comfort around a fire as I watched floating Embers as if she was saying she was alright. Thank you to everyone for their outpouring of support. To those who are no longer friends, thank you for your condolences when the news reached you, even if the delay added to grief at the time. In the days/weeks of numbness that followed, I found an ounce of comfort in an image of an angel statue I came across online. While I don’t have strong religious beliefs, there was something surprisingly peaceful in angel imagery so to conclude 2017’s doodle blog, I leave you with this unfinished drawing and a tribute to the best family member a person could wish for, Ember.

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November 23, 2017

Huh. Whaddya know. A high level anxiety situation transformed into awesomeness once embraced. Recent events lead to this Hawaiian Lion doodle.

I had the opportunity to see a jazz show (often a source of inspiration for me) featuring an old time acquaintance. The reoccurring facebook feeds of this performer had me curious. Blown away by talent over a decade ago, it was bound to be a great show now but who would be willing to come to Manhattan late at night on a weekday? Knowing any long islander was out of the question, I grasped at coworkers who may want to join me. No takers. Feeling disparaged that I would have to miss a great opportunity for live music because I could not find company on short notice I decided, I’m good enough company and will go anyway … myself. I figured no one really talks to each other while listening to/watching a show anyway and I would have the familiar performer to talk to when the music stops. I wound up having a better time with the stranger I sat next to than I probably would have with a somewhat acquaintance. We both came ourselves and shared an appreciation for live music as well as a drink menu in a crowded space and good conversation between sets.

I was so stunned how well the night turned out, (despite a missed opportunity to exchange info) I decided I would try this lone concert venture again a few weeks later. Trekking downtown after work to hear an old college friend perform, I took a deep breath and awkwardly tried to initiate convos with people in the crowd between groups. Luckily, musicians are a friendly people! I wound up talking with an extremely nice, talented guy who is now teaching me ukulele . My recent bravery has lead to new friends and the discovery that the age old life lesson engrained in us as children “DO NOT talk to strangers, it is dangerous!” is false.

November 5, 2017

It is weird to have limitless freedom and simultaneously feel a bit stuck, trapped even. I’m extremely lucky to live myself in a place I love, have a job in my field, supportive family and friends along with minimal life obligations/responsibilities beyond work. However, I suppose with the amount of time and energy devoted to work, it doesn’t leave a lot of motivation to fly.

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October 15, 2017

It is difficult to watch someone you love get hurt but grueling to watch them walk head first into the same knife time and time again. The wound widens if continually stabbed yet every time, there is the belief, this time, the blade is the cure. He’s your poison, there’s no antidote for you. I know I’m hypocritical in my own destructive cyclical behavior but knowing I can change my own actions if I choose to allows light. When you are a bystander, it somehow hurts more than inflicting your own dumb wounds.

Coltrane Continued
October 4, 2017

This Coltrane painting has been laying around my apt since the Spring, just staring at me … mocking me. Knowing it can be sooooo much better if I paint more. Finally I continued it. It is still far off from where I want it to be but luckily since it is just for fun, there is no deadline. What a beautiful thing yet dangerous for completion. Hopefully I’ll finish it one of these days. In the meantime, here is a better version from where this live painting started in May.

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September 25, 2017

This doodle doesn’t have much to do with what I want to write about lol. I was just wide awake at night dreaming up fantasy florals but butterflies that seeped in reminded me what it was I meant to write about earlier this month. I went camping for the first time! More like glamping but it was a well needed, refreshing magical weekend filled with a moonlit as well as a sunny beach, tents, campfires, banana smores, mini hikes, fresh air, chirping birds, surprising tacos, long unrushed breakfasts and topped off with artsy docks and a butterfly sanctuary. Yup … I could get used to this life. Thank you for the momentary return to sanity.

September 2, 2017

More doodles to reveal my true feels. Unfortunately after the summer, this one wasn’t quite as empowering as charge. I think I’m overtired and overworked. This picture pretty much sums up my scrambled brain and overall fatigue. This summer has been nucking futs.

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August 26, 2017

Yay more inspiration from creative friends! I had a blast for the first of what is hopefully many craft nights with a friend. She demonstrated a technique new to me on how to make little stuffed animals without needing to sew. Sooooo fun! Here is my first attempt, my punk monkey. I kind of love heeem. <3 I may need to rename this Creation Blog instead of Doodle Blog, hmmm.

August 24, 2017

Thank you creative friends for hosting an art show for the joy of bringing together a creative community, forcing me to focus on something fine-artsy for the passion of it instead of something I had to do work related. I’ve been really absorbed in this one and despite a cramp in my finger from xacto-knifing too much, really enjoyed making this.

It’s amazing how drawings can bring about thoughts you didn’t even know you were thinking. I had to give some presentations earlier this month for work which is when this doodle began. It was a weird sensation to have a room full of intelligent, accomplished people turning to me for answers, respecting the knowledge I have in this one field and looking to me for guidance in how to visually bring joy to their classroom and hallway spaces. I think I’ve always done what has been asked of me, but rarely been asked what should be done … it was new and exciting, scary and kinda powerful. This powerful, take charge mentality resulted in a charging bull.

I’ve also been swept up in computer screens and phones in general between work and social media. I was fascinated by the unintentional symbolism in the name “charge” as in charging a phone my mom pointed out. An evil phone is in this mess but I suppose only has relevance in the title on a subconscious level. Anyway, this began as a pencil sketch like the others from July. I transferred it to nicer paper to ink it. Once it was all inked in black and white, I was disappointed and unsatisfied because it seemed unfinished somehow. This led me to try some new stuff with light I had never considered before. I cautiously took my xacto to it. Funny how by removing pieces, it felt more complete. Perhaps a life lesson I should look more into.

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Nucking Futs
July 14, 2017

Along with the hipster deer came this wacky, mischievous squirrel, stressed out by time and wanting to return to nature.

July 13, 2017

I guess my mind is still swirling daydreaming of galloping deer from upstate. I started doodling a series of animals combined with surreal doohickies for an upcoming artshow in August. There’s one further along but I’ll blog about that when it is done hehe. Anyway, I’d like to turn this one into a more final watercolor or perhaps collage piece.

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Moonrise Pond
June 30, 2017

Wish granted! Thank you to my sister and her incredible friends for the opportunity for a few days away at Moonrise Pond. What a surreal experience. Before I get into it, just need to say CONGRATS to my baby sister for her many achievements thus far and for graduating high school! It is the end of an era and the start of an amazing new chapter for her, and for the world. The world best be ready, she is a force, as is my older sister. A huge CONGRATS to her too on bringing her creation to life for a successful run of her original musical Siren’s Den. Heartfelt and beautiful with haunting music of excellence! I’m beyond impressed and awed by both of them.

Anywho, in celebration of duel sister achievements, it seemed a perfect time to run away for a few days and experience a taste of summer. A glorious ginormous cabin, foresty backyard with serene ponds, fresh air, magical galloping deer, sweet sweet isolation and perhaps the greatest component, to take in all of the nature-y goodness, a private outdoor hot tub. :-D I’m super spoiled and ridiculously lucky to be asked to test out this magical wondrous place. As I sat on the Adirondack chairs overlooking a pond, I sloppily doodled this little bird on a nearby lily pad. While I do not love this drawing, it was an experience worth sharing. There was little birdie later on we named lemony-snippet. I hope our paths cross again. In the meantime-ah, I can breathe!

June 3, 2017

Can’t get work off the brain or its’ location. I think Harlem is starting to haunt my dreams. I close my eyes at night and only see a swirling mess of dirty sidewalks, subway stops, broken people but also colorful murals and mental images from my walks in the park. I went to doodle tonight and bits and pieces of Harlem that have gotten absorbed started to unravel in my sketchbook. While there is beauty in this city, I definitely need a long break from it.

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Korean Street Festival
May 21, 2017

The morning after painting live for a jazz show, getting home around 3 am, I was up by 6 am on a Saturday to help set up and participate in Democracy Prep’s annual Korean Street Festival. While exhausting, a very unique visual and physical blending of cultures filled with food, performances, activities and all around good vibes. Too drained to doodle about it, but a lot of work went into it and I enjoyed designing the event’s signage. This may be cheating as a doodle blog entry but still something that was created and where better to display than my own online space lol. Time to pass out.

Live Painting
May 21, 2017

What a cool experience! I was asked to paint live at a jazz performance on the 19th and while terrified, did not want to turn down such a rewarding opportunity. I did not get a chance to sketch out a pencil drawing or fully plan/prepare anything to paint with the consumption of work. Instead, I decided to do something new painting-wise … and just wing it. Hauling ass from Harlem to Queens to Huntington, I gathered materials to paint along to a jazz show benefitting the Coltrane foundation.

I was excited to let some old prints resurface in a jazz venue rather than collecting dust in a drawer for an art show as well. After setting up the display, I did not leave myself much more than about 2 minutes to get my easel and paints set. Flustered, I realized … uh oh, I don’t know how to put together my own easel! (I usually work on a pre-set drawing table) What painter doesn’t know how to set up an easel?! Anyway, as embarrassing as that was, I got it to balance enough to get started even if it was really wonky for the night lol. I’ve also never started a painting without an underlying drawing but when the music started, I gotta say, it was pretty liberating not to care about the outcome. Knowing I only had 2 hours and couldn’t possibly finish something to perfection, I began painting for the joy of painting with a “whatever happens, happens” mentality. With all the digital design work I’ve been doing, man—I forgot how much I love painting! From the moment the brush hit the canvas, despite the teetering easel, my nervousness subsided and I thought, I’ve got this. The musicians were great and I had a blast being engrossed by the textures of jazz and acrylics.

Thanks for the amazing opportunity. I hope to do it again sometime and if I do …I’ll learn how my easel works before arriving.

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April 20, 2017

Restless tonight, wanted to put my Icelandic drawing pencil to use. While doodling, this lil chick emerged. I’m kind of undecided what her agenda is, if she is good or evil or a mix but whatever her persona, she holds some kind of magic within that small orb.

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April 16, 2017

My third time participating at the annual Pratt Drawathon! I made 7 out of 12 hours, not too shabby considering I put in a full day of work first. It was exhausting but satisfying taking a night to focus on my craft and brush up on some fundamentally difficult skills like life drawing. I find the longer poses intimidating, feeling pressure to make something amazing being given sufficient time. I mainly stuck to quick action poses and 5–10 min poses. Maybe next year I will be more brave and venture into the 20 min and hour+ poses. We shall see.

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Siren’s Den
March 31, 2017

I’ve been working on revamping a logo quickly created in 2014 and struggling to reach the amount of awesomeness necessary for a beautiful upcoming show I’m proud to say my older sister has created and is producing for its’ first full production this spring! It seems strange that starting something from scratch is often easier than trying to modify an existing design. Oh well, I think we’ve got it! Shameless plug: Siren’s Den The Musical. Previewing May 24, opening May 25. Get your tickets!

March 1, 2017

I stayed home from work to work today lol. Excited by a request for Korean ink style window covers, I happily broke out my set of Chinese inks … the felt, the ink grinding stick, the bi’s, the rice paper … all of it! This set of tools and skills has been collecting dust since college. It is far from the traditional accurate strokes it should have but hopefully will brighten up an office.

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Robot Afternoon
February 2, 2017

I may have left myself 2 days out of last month to create and submit a one minute film … woops. Luckily it was just for the hell of it and despite nearly not participating, I’m glad I did! I can’t really remember the last time I worked on a creative project solely because I wanted to. When I first heard about this mini film fest, I was curious to see everyone’s submissions but did not anticipate creating anything myself since I can’t work a camera and know very little about editing, filming or any kind of motion graphics. Everyone was given two random words to create a 1 min movie. The challenge was intriguing and I decided to go old school and give it a try the only way I knew how—with a bunch of drawings. I’m pretty satisfied for a 48 hour turn around. You can check it out here.

Dragon Squat
February 1, 2017

While working on a tshirt design, this lil guy was fun to create even if he is on the backburner for the time being. So yea … some days I get to doodle dragons for work. I think I can continue to get to harlem for that. :)

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Cat Nap
January 2, 2017

This wouldn’t be my doodle blog if drawings of my cat did not emerge each year. I am elated to have my girl visit this week although fearful she has not been feeling her best. Seemingly settled today, she inspired me to break out a sketch pad in attempts to capture her ageless beauty. Nothing compares to a day in bed with Ember aka kitty love. ❤

January 2, 2017

And just like that, it’s a new year. After closing out 2016 with an Icelandic adventure, I wanted to give my new souvenir 1986 inscribed drawing pencil a whirl. Here’s to positive wishes granted in 2017 with this sassy genie.

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